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Funko Soda Disney Sleeping Beauty Maleficent Limited Edition (Int Version) - Chance of CHASE Variant!

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Introducing Funko's newest line of vinyl figures, the Disney Sleeping Beauty Maleficent limited edition soda! Included with each soda can is a vinyl figure and a collectible disc. There is a 1 in 6 chance you could find a flame-accented CHASE variant.

Only 12,500 pieces were made for the International Version. 

Magical Details:

  • Includes: 1 Vinyl Mini Figure & collectible disc in a tin soda can
  • Vinyl figure is approximately 4-inches tall

Please note: Chase variants are shipped at random. Receiving a chase with purchase is not guaranteed. All sales final; no returns or exchanges. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing.

  • Funko Soda Chase Variants

    Chase variants are shipped at random. Even with a purchase of 6 cans, we can not guarantee receiving a chase with purchase.

  • Limited Time

    We cannot guarantee a similar item will be available after this item is sold.

  • Magical Details

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